Solid Waste Rates

Coast Waste Management provides solid waste disposal and recycling services in the City of Del Mar under a franchise agreement. These services include collection, transfer, processing and disposal of all solid waste, recyclables, and yard waste generated at all residential and commercial properties located in the City of Del Mar. 

In an effort to stabilize trash and recycling rates paid by Coast Waste Management customers in Del Mar over the long term, the Del Mar City Council began adopting five-year rate reviews with annual adjustments in 1999. The last five-year
rate review occurred in 2012. The franchise agreement with Coast Waste Management sets forth a formula for the calculation of rates and subsequent adjustments which include variables such as Consumer Price Index and disposal fees.

In accordance with the agreement, Coast Waste Management is required to submit a written request for any rate adjustments for the upcoming fiscal year. The proposed adjustment effective July 1, 2017 is less than 2%. If the proposed rates are adopted, the rates and subsequent annual adjustment allowances will be set for the next five years.

The City Council will consider the proposed rate adjustment at the June 5, 2017 City Council Meeting. 

Please view the Legal Notice for the Public Hearing for more information. Find full listings for proposed rates for Residential and Commercial customers here.