Seasonal Renter's Guide

Visitors, who come to Del Mar to enjoy the beach or shopping downtown must strive to keep the city clean and green (PDF). You can reduce the amount of waste generated, and take advantage of the many recycling and diversion programs available to you while visiting Del Mar. Recycling is mandatory (PDF) in the City of Del Mar for residents and visitors. Residents and guests are responsible for participating in the many programs offered.

Residential Waste and Recycling Services

Depending on the rental unit you are staying in whether single-unit or multiple unit, at least one trash and one recycling container is available to you. You can use these containers to separate your trash from your recycling.

Grey Trash Can and Blue Trash CanSingle-unit Residence

For single family residence, the renters are provided with two wheeled and covered carts - one gray and one blue.The gray cart is for trash, and the blue cart is for recycling (PDF). Please roll these carts out to the street by 6:00 am on service day. The carts should be spaced a minimum of one foot apart and not blocked by parked cars or other obstacles. The cart handles should face the house. Also, the City code requires that waste containers be off the streets by noon the day after collection.

Multi-Unit Residence

Multi-unit buildings normally use a green dumpster for trash and blue wheeled carts for the collection of recycling. These containers are shared by all the tenants or guests.

Divert Useful Material From Landfills

There are many diversions and recycling programs available to both residents and visitors to reduce trash and recycling collections, and help Del Mar achieve its zero waste goals! Those programs marked with an asterisk (*) are available only for homes who use and place the wheeled carts at the street.
Bulk Item Collection* – For large bulky items that do not fit in the wheeled carts, such as furniture, appliances, and electronic items such as televisions, computer monitors and printers, Waste Management will collect them separately. You must call to schedule the items at least 24 hours before the normal service day.
Used Battery and Cell Phone Collection* – To properly dispose of household batteries and used cell phones, simply place these items in a sealed storage bag and place them on top of the blue recycle cart. Waste Management will collect and recycle these items.
Shred Events - Twice a year a shred event is scheduled for the safe destruction and recycling of sensitive documents for residents and businesses. In addition to shredding, these drop-off events include medications, Sharps, CFL bulbs, household batteries and cell phones. Limitations of these items apply and will be advertised prior to the event. Events are normally held in January and July.
Christmas Tree Recycling – Two weeks following Christmas, Waste Management will pick-up trees curbside for single family homes. For multi-unit complexes, a drop-off site for the trees is located at the City’s public works yard at 2240 Jimmy Durante Blvd. All trees should be void of lights, decorations, and tree stands. Flocked trees are not recyclable and will be picked up as trash.
Reusable dinnerware and utensils - Use reusable dinnerware and utensils. Paper plates and plastic utensils are not recyclable.
Leaves, shrubs and other yard debris is recyclable - Check with your property management on how to handle this material.
Use reusable bags - Use reusable bags when shopping or spending the day at the beach. Plastic bags do not go in the recycling cart.

Chart Showing What can be Recycled
Chart Showing What Cannot be Recycled