Dog Parks in Del Mar

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A message from Scooter...

Hi, I’m Scooter - Del Mar’s resident expert for all things related to my fellow four legged friends. It’s nice to be me in Del Mar. There are so many places to go! 

Powerhouse Park and Sea Grove Park are other favorite places of mine. They have grassy patches and sometimes my bird friends come to play with me. As long as I keep my human on a leash, behave well and don’t knock anyone down with my enthusiasm, I can spend as much time there as I want. There is even a water fountain for my human and I in the Powerhouse Park. I can get a cool drink of water after a long walk and I can sniff around the water fountain to find out if my friends are in the park so that I can meet up with them.

You know what makes Del Mar special for me? BEACHES!!! I love the smells and the sand. The ocean and I have had a love-hate relationship ever since I was a puppy. She tries to scare me with her cold, salty waves and I bark at her to put her in her place. She may be big and confusing, but I can bark loudly. When we go to North Beach, I have to keep my human on leash from June 16th through Labor Day. After Labor Day until June 15th, my human can be off-leash and we can hang out and run around together, I need to make sure that my human stays within range so that we can communicate and stay out of trouble.  We always need to be on our best behavior and be polite to others (even humans). I can play on the beach as much as I want with my friends. There are several exciting events organized just for us on this beach every year. I am friends with a surf-dog-surf-a-thon winner. It’s exciting to have celebrity friends, isn’t it?

There is another beach - Main Beach Area - that I sometimes go to, but I have to keep my human on leash. My human and I are not allowed on that beach all year round. For few months – from June until Labor Day - I stay away from the beach. It’s much too crowded with humans during that time! When I come back after Labor Day, I sniff extra hard just to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything exciting.

I am on my best behavior when I go to the South Beach. I keep my humans on a leash all the time, and my friends and I meet up for quiet games of sniffing around the park and wagging tails. We don’t have mad cap adventures on this beach but that’s ok, I like the slow pace sometimes.

My human companions have to be careful to clean up after me every time, regardless of where we’re at. I feel a little embarrassed, but they don’t seem to mind at all. And I have to say I like that my City is clean. Who doesn’t? I love living here.