Commercial & Multifamily Recycling Requirements

recycling bins

Mandatory Requirements

Pursuant to State and local laws, most Del Mar businesses and multifamily housing complexes must recycle. Assembly Bill 341  requires recycling for any business that generates at least four yards of waste and for any multifamily complex of five or more units. Under the law, the City must report compliance data annually to CalRecycle. In 2022, organic and food waste recycling programs will begin for Del Mar residents and businesses as mandated by SB 1383. Related local requirements are codified in Del Mar Municipal Code Chapter 11.20

Compliance and Assistance

Gearing up for on-site recycling is easy and may also help reduce your monthly bill for waste collection. For information on recycling containers and services, contact Waste Management. As the City's contracted hauler, Waste Management can advise residents, property owners and business owners on recycling options and provide training and outreach materials. 

Waste Management's Community & Municipal Relation Manager assigned to Del Mar is Lori Somers: 760-754-4120 or

More recycling resources can be found on the City of Del Mar's Zero Waste webpage.

Clean Water Compliance

Trash and recycling enclosures must follow clean-water laws. Mikhail Ogawa Engineering manages the City’s Clean Water Program and visits businesses and multifamily complexes to ensure clean-water compliance. Contact Mikhail Ogawa Engineering  at 858-755-9313, ext. 172.

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California's Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) brings together the state's recycling and waste management programs and continues a tradition of environmental stewardship. CalRecycle's vision is to inspire and challenge Californians to achieve the highest waste reduction, recycling and reuse goals in the nation.

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