Commercial & Multifamily Recycling Requirements

New Mandatory Requirements

Most Del Mar businesses are already required to recycle by the Del Mar Municipal Code (PDF). However, Assembly Bill 341, effective July 1, 2012, requires businesses that generate at least four yards of waste, and multifamily complexes with five units or more, regardless of the amount of waste generated, have a recycling program in place. The City of Del Mar is required by this new law to contact all businesses and multi-family complexes that are required to comply with these regulations, and annually report to California Department of Natural Resources – Division of Resource Recovery and Recycling (CalRecycle), the percentage of Del Mar businesses who are compliant.


Compliance is easy, whether you are starting from scratch or want to enhance your existing recycling service. Establishing recycling programs may also help reduce your monthly bill for waste collection services since recycling service fees are lower than waste collection fees. Please contact Coast Waste Management to find out what recycling services are available, and determine the most suitable program for your needs. Coast Waste Management has a wide variety of recycling solutions available, including its new split-bin service. Split-bin service is great for existing 3-yard bin customers that don’t have room for a separate bin for recyclables. Split bins have a divider down the middle with separately locking lids on each side to permit the segregation of solid waste and recyclables within the same bin. Best of all, the split bin costs less per month than a three-yard disposal bin! A customer service representative is available to assist you Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 866-967-9232.

On-Site Assistance

On-site assistance is also available by calling Waste Management, who can help determine the volume of recycling material your facility generates, identify container size and location to match your needs, and provide free training and outreach material. If you require on-site assistance in evaluating your recycling needs, please email Lori Somers or call her at 760-754-4120.

Technical Assistance

Note that technical assistance is also available through the city’s contract with Mikhail Ogawa Engineering (MOE), which also manages the city’s Clean Water Program. MOE staff perform scheduled visits of businesses and multifamily complexes to ensure Clean Water compliance, and they will also be on the lookout for opportunities to improve recycling. MOE staff is available at 858-755-9313, extension 172.