Tennis Courts

Two public tennis courts are located near the intersection of 21st Street and Court Street in Del Mar.

Rules & Regulations

  • Municipal tennis court facilities are open to all members of the general public at no charge.
  • Only tennis shoes allowed on courts.
  • Courts are for tennis only; no skateboards or other wheeled vehicles allowed. Accessibility devices are allowed.
  • Use of tennis courts shall be on a first come, first served basis.
  • When all tennis courts at a facility are in use and other players are waiting to play, the following set and time limits shall be in effect:
    • One set of singles
    • Two sets of doubles
    • Or one hour of playing time
    • Which ever occurs first (includes practice play and warm-up)
  • At all facilities, tennis play shall be continuous and courts may not be held at any time by leaving rackets or other personal articles on the court.
  • All tennis tournaments conducted on municipal tennis facilities must have prior approval from the Del Mar City Manager or designee.
Tennis Courts