Free Parking Information

There are Hundreds of Free Parking Spots in Del Mar

However, the free parking spot may not always be right where you want to be.

Please consider the following tips for finding those precious spots and remember, your best chances for finding these free spots available is to either come early or late.

At the Beach

Timing is everything. On busy summer days, almost all parking spaces are full by noon. This includes "secret spots" or those a few blocks from the beach. So, even by arriving two hours before noon, free parking is still available along the northerly end of Santa Fe (which runs parallel to Coast Boulevard one block to the east) and on 19th and 20th Streets east of Coast Boulevard. Some other spots may still be open on Camino Del Mar (Highway 101) and along the cross streets of 22nd through 28th streets. To the south, there is plenty of open free parking in the residential area along Stratford Court, especially, south of 9th Street; however, these spaces require a long hike back to 15th Street for safe beach access.

In all cases, when parking in residential areas, please be very respectful of driveways, fire hydrants, corners, and other safety considerations.

Civic Center

Visitors can park for free at the Del Mar Civic Center, 1050 Camino Del Mar.

Visitors to the stores and restaurants of downtown Del Mar are encouraged to park at the Civic Center. For community events such a twilight concerts at Powerhouse Park, the parking is a preferred alternative to parking in residential neighborhoods.

In the parking garage, nearly 100 slots are available 24 hours a day. Four of those spaces are charging stations for electric vehicles. Four additional spaces, including two spaces with charging equipment, are reserved for people with disabilities. Outside the garage, nearly 40 more spaces are open to the public except for Saturdays, when the outside slots are reserved for vendors at the Del Mar Farmers Market.

In the Village

Although Camino Del Mar and 15th Street are time regulated free parking, there is free, no limit, parking available at City Hall on 11th Street. At the south end of the City Hall lot and in the lower lot next to the Communication Center there are over 20 spaces. All of these spaces are free all day with no time limit, except on Saturdays when the Farmer's Market occupies these spaces.

There is also free, no time limit, parking in the residential areas on Luneta which runs north and south one block east of Camino Del Mar off 11th Street to 15th Street. To the west of Camino Del Mar, there is free, no-time limit, parking on Stratford Court and Ocean Avenue.

The only limitations on these streets is on Monday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Stratford and on the first Monday of each month on Ocean Avenue when parking is cleared for street sweeping.

North Beach

Along both sides of Camino Del Mar from 22nd Street north to 29th Street there is free all-day parking. There are also a limited number of free parking spaces on the cross streets off Camino Del Mar in this area. Again, please be respectful of driveways, corners, fire hydrants and other safety concerns.

Loading zones for safe beach access are at the west end of 26th street and 29th street. In all, there are hundreds of free parking spaces within two blocks of the beach. However, the secret is to either get there early or plan your beach visit for later.