Dog Friendly Beaches

Info Graphic of Dog Rules

View a PDF summary of the Dog Rules:  City of Del Mar Dog Rules (PDF)

Day After Labor Day through June 15 

  • Between 29th Street and Solana Beach border, off-leash dogs are allowed.
  • Between Powerhouse Park and 29th Street, dogs must be leashed. (From dawn to 8 a.m., off-leash dogs are allowed between 25th and 29th streets.)
  • Between Powerhouse Park and 6th Street, dogs must be leashed.

June 16 through Labor Day

  • Between Powerhouse Park and 29th Street, no dogs allowed.
  • Between 29th Street and Solana Beach, off-leash dogs are permitted from dawn to 8 a.m.; dogs must be leashed from 8 a.m. to dawn.
  • From 6th Street to Powerhouse Park, dogs must be leashed year-round.

Powerhouse Park

  • Dogs prohibited in the children’s "Tot Lot" and adjacent grass area south of the beach path at the southern end of the park.
  • Leashed dogs are permitted on all adjacent walkways and sidewalks.

Penalties for leash law violations begin at $285.

In all areas, dogs must wear a license on their collars. Leashes may be no longer than six feet. In off-leash areas, dogs must be under voice control.

Owners must clean up after their pets.

Del Mar’s beaches are for everyone. We look forward to working with dog owners and all other beach users so the rules are clearly understood. Please contact us with your questions or concerns.

Call the Community Services Department at 858-755-1556.