Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan

The Regional Water Quality Control Board’s permit (PDF) requires local jurisdictions to develop a Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan (JRMP). As part of the operation of the City’s Clean Water Program, the City has developed and implements this plan. The purpose of the Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan is to implement strategies that prevent dry weather discharges from entering the storm water system and reduce the discharge of pollutants in storm water to the maximum extent practicable. This document describes the City’s programmatic activities and requirements aimed at preserving and improving water quality conditions in our primary water bodies – the San Dieguito and Los Peñasquitos Lagoons and the Pacific Ocean.

Specific requirements included in the City’s Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan are in direct response to the state and regional environmental regulations. The most recent plan, located below, was updated in 2015 to include necessary changes based on updated regulations.

This document acts as an implementation document and contains the City’s specific strategies, standards, and protocols that the City will implement in response to the priorities and goals that have been established as a requirement of the Water Quality Improvement Plans.

Each year, the City of Del Mar prepares and submits an annual report to the Regional Water Quality Control Board that describes program implementation and efforts to preserve and improve water quality conditions. These annual reports, which include minor updates to the Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan document, are available below.

GIS shapefiles used to develop and maintain the City’s MS4 maps and develop the City’s Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan and Annual Reports can be accessed below. (Data presented reflect information available at the time of map creation. Data in the shapefiles may have been modified since that time. The data is to be used for general information purposes only. The dimensions and alignments of boundaries of mapping units in these files are approximations only, and should not be considered authoritative or sufficient for determining the location or extent of the subject mapped features.)