Parking Enforcement

As an element of the Community Services Department, the Parking Division provides high quality, personalized enforcement of city, county, and state regulations. The two primary goals are to ensure public safety and to manage Del Mar’s parking resources.

Safety Enhancement
Parking officers enhance safety by patrolling city streets every day. They provide information to the public, report and respond to illegal activity, give warnings where warranted and write citations when necessary. Their continuous patrols help keep traffic lanes clear, driveways open and emergency accesses available for lifeguard, fire and police response units. Parking officers also enforce animal regulations and report violations of other city codes. All of these public contacts are conducted with a firm commitment to provide respectful professional service.

Managing Parking Space
Parking officers manage the city’s scarce parking resources by patrolling all parts of the city, monitoring meters, and other timed parking areas, and providing the public with information regarding parking alternatives. The parking meters and machines offer convenient parking at the beach and in the center of the shopping district. In combination with timed parking, these monitoring devices increase turnover and help maximize the use of the most desirable spaces. This active management does increase the availability of our limited parking space and the continuous presence of parking officers adds to the overall safety of the city.

Additional information can be found at the Parking Information page.