Adopt a Spot


The Adopt a Spot program encourages the long standing tradition of Del Mar's residents who volunteer and give their talents to support community programs which enhance the charm and beauty of our community. The City Council authorized development of an Adopt-a-Spot program during its Budget Workshop on June 23, 2008 and passed a Resolution 2008-74 establishing guidelines for the program on October 6, 2008.


The goal is a neighborhood friendly program to encourage citizen and business participation while improving the beauty of the Village of Del Mar. The Adopt-a-Spot program allows caring neighbors the opportunity to initiate, plan, and develop a long term program providing beautification of a neighborhood Spot. A Spot may be any public space within Del Mar:

  • Small open space tracks of city owned land
  • Pathways and trails through undeveloped or developed open spaces
  • A developed public property which could use beautification or enhancements
  • A bus stop requiring assistance with litter pickup or beautification
  • A section of roadway needing additional litter management or beautification
  • A small landscaped space, such as a parkway, or chicane

Program Guidelines

The city's Parks and Recreation Committee, the Del Mar Village Association, and CERT members (Community Emergency Response Team) encourage citizens and businesses to participate in the Adopt-a-Spot Program. The program guidelines for Spot adoption are as follows:

  • Download an application (PDF), or you can get a copy through the Public Works Department by calling 858-755-3294, or by sending an email. Applicants will be assisted through noticing of the Spots neighbors by City Public Works' staff through a letter encouraging their support of the planned adoption and asking for their active participation. Adoptees will provide labor, planning and on-going coordination of regular activities for their Spot.
  • The Parks and Recreation Committee will assist with the review of those projects planned by Adoptees encompassing significant modifications to a Spot. Depending on the nature of the modifications, a follow-up review by the City Council may be necessary.
  • The city will actively work with other volunteer organizations to encourage participation. The Del Mar Village Association will assist with Downtown projects and "Keep Del Mar Clean" program will assist with other areas of Del Mar where litter is a real concern.
  • City Public Works' staff will assist through providing safety vests, traffic cones, or Waste Management containers for green waste disposal.
  • The Fire Department will provide guidance to neighbors concerning recommended vegetation modifications to improve fire safety. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteers will also assist with planning for any adoption related to enhancing our community's fire safety.
  • City Staff in the Planning and Fire Departments will review any requests for new plants and provide information to Adoptees on invasive plants and recommended native plants.
  • The Community Services Department will assist with requests for new doggie bags and dispensers.
  • All Adopt-a-Spot volunteers will be recognized annually through a special event.