The Del Mar Junior Lifeguard program will take place in front of Lifeguard Headquarters on 17th Street Beach from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Parents and guardians can drop off their Junior Guard as early as 8:30 am.

Junior Guards ages 9 – 11 (Group C) can be dropped off in the loading zone in front of the Del Mar Motel. Junior Guard instructors will be waiting near the loading zone to direct your child from the drop off area to the beach area. Please be advised this is a five-minute active loading zone. 

Junior Guards in Groups A (ages 14 – 15) and B (ages 12 – 13), are to be dropped off in the west and east side loading zones at Powerhouse Park beginning at 8:30 am. There they will be met by their instructors and guided towards the beach.

At 12:00 pm, parents and guardians are to return to the same loading zones they used for drop off. Instructors will walk Junior Guards to their appropriate loading zone at that time. If you arrive prior to 12:00 pm, please do not wait in the loading zone. Instead, find a parking place and wait for your JG there, or wait until 12:00 pm to enter the loading zone.

DMLG JG Pick Up Drop Off