2018 Streetscape Segment 5 Project

City Council approved a citywide sidewalk connectivity project to improve pedestrian access, bicycle safety, drainage and roadway paving along Camino Del Mar, Jimmy Durante Blvd and Via De La Valle on May 8, 2013. Segment 5 of the citywide plan refers to the section of Camino del Mar between Carmel Valley Road and 4th Street/Del Mar Heights Road. Segment 5 maintains two northbound lanes, one southbound lane, and the current free-right turn, from westbound Carmel Valley Road to northbound Camino del Mar. The project also includes additional parking spaces, a double left turn lane from Camino del Mar southbound to Del Mar Heights Road eastbound, and a new multi-purpose pathway on the west side of Camino del Mar. Medians and landscaping areas will be planted with drought tolerant vegetation, as presented to the Parks and Recreation Committee.

On March 5, 2018 City Council approved the award of the Segment 5 Construction Contract to Eagle Paving Company. Pre-construction and planning meeting completed. Work scheduled to begin March 21, 2018.

CDM Segment 5 Project Map


Median Work • April

West Side Demolition • April-May

Install Storm Water Facilities • April-May

Construct New Sidewalks • April-May

Construct Intersection Camino Del Mar and Carmel Valley Road • May

Grinding and Overlay Paving • May

June 2018 Target Completion Date