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Welcome to Del Mar!

Welcome to the City of Del Mar, and thank you for your interest in starting a new business. Or, if you already own or manage a business, thank you for all that you contribute to the economic and social vitality of our community. It is the goal of the City to see that your new business opens with ease or that your existing business continues to grow and thrive, and so on this page you’ll find information on the City’s required business licensing and license renewal processes, information about how to expand or make changes to the interior of your business (called “tenant improvements”), as well as helpful links to outside agencies and related resources.

If you’re still considering whether Del Mar is the best place to start or to relocate your business, we encourage you to contact or to visit the Del Mar Village Association (DMVA). DMVA is a non-profit Main Street organization made up of Del Mar residents, downtown business owners and commercial property owners dedicated to working together to improve the economic vitality of the businesses community in Del Mar Village. The DMVA is a resource to new and existing businesses on downtown Del Mar issues such as the local business climate, available buildings and suites, promotional opportunities, community data, downtown improvements, events, networking opportunities, etc. Contact information for the DMVA follows.

Phone: 858-735-3650
Email Del Mar Village Community and Visitor Center
Visit Del Mar Village Website

About Del Mar

The City of Del Mar is renowned as a walkable seaside village located 20 minutes north of downtown San Diego. With a population of roughly 4,500 within its 2.1 square miles, Del Mar receives more than two million visitors annually, attracted by a unique lifestyle that’s enhanced with year-round temperatures around 72 degrees, the world-famous Del Mar Racetrack and County Fair, accessible beaches, renowned cuisine and unique shopping opportunities.

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Starting a New Business

The staff of the City of Del Mar is dedicated to the success of your new or existing business. To that end, a “Business Support Team” (BST) has been established, made of representatives of the City Manager's Office, Finance and Code Compliance Departments. The BST serves as your first point of contact with the City government, as well as a continuing resource for questions and/or updates made to City Codes and policies.

Note that all businesses operating within the City of Del Mar are required to have a business license - including businesses that operate from residences (“home-based businesses”). Issuance of a license allows the City to ensure that businesses operate in a manner consistent with City regulations and to obtain contact information for public health and safety emergencies. As the owner or operator of a business in Del Mar, you’ll need a license if you…

  • Have a commercial location within the City of Del Mar
  • Have more than one business location within the City of Del Mar
  • Have a home-based business located within the City of Del Mar
  • Fill out a Home Occupation form (PDF)
  • Have a business P. O. Box addressed within the City of Del Mar
  • Are located outside the City of Del Mar, but do business within the City limits

Before signing a lease or attempting to make any physical improvements to a building or to a suite within a building, it is recommended that you contact any member of the Business Support Team (BST) at the information below to arrange an appointment date and time to meet at City Hall. Or if preferred, you may contact the City’s general number at 858-755-9313 and a receptionist will help coordinate this meeting/introduction.

For larger development projects or major renovations, please contact the Business Support Team Planning Department Representative directly via the contact information listed on this page.