Roadway & Sidewalk Improvements

Camino del Mar – Carmel Valley Road to 4th

City Council approved a citywide sidewalk connectivity project to improve pedestrian access, bicycle safety, drainage and roadway paving along Camino Del Mar, Jimmy Durante Blvd and Via De La Valle in 2013.  The project was divided into segments with each segment numbered from #1 to #8 based on the Council’s desired prioritization (See Segment Map).  Each segment’s design is consistent with the applicable elements of the 1996 Camino del Mar Streetscape Plan and Segments #2, #3, #6, and #8 have all been constructed in recent years. 

On January 7, 2016, heavy rains undermined a portion of southbound Camino del Mar between Carmel Valley Road and 4th Street. During the course of the emergency roadway and utility repair work in Anderson Canyon, staff recognized that the temporary traffic control measures used, including the removal of one of the two northbound vehicular travel lanes between Carmel Valley Road and 4th Street, did not appear to have adverse impacts to traffic circulation.  On May 2, 2016, City Council directed staff to incorporate design changes to the Segment #5 Project, including the permanent removal of one of the two northbound vehicular lanes, modification of the intersection of Carmel Valley Road and Camino del Mar to eliminate the existing free right turn lane for vehicles approaching Camino del Mar from westbound Carmel Valley Road, additional parking spaces, a double left turn lane from Camino del Mar southbound to Del Mar Heights Road eastbound, and a new multi-purpose pathway on the west side of Camino del Mar. 

The current design proposal for the multi-use path, traffic intersection and lane configuration changes, and new parking spaces are detailed on the Project Map .

As a part of the design process for the Project, a variety of public outreach efforts have occurred.  In both November and December of 2016, properties in the vicinity of the Project were mailed notices describing the proposed design elements and inviting residents to attend informative presentations at the regularly scheduled Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC) meetings on November 15, 2016 and December 20, 2016.  At the December 20, 2016 meeting, TPAC unanimously recommended approval of the Project plans. On February 6, 2017, the City Council directed staff to address the design concerns raised by citizens during the project approval process and conduct additional data collection and traffic simulations.



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