Short Term Rentals


Currently, short term rental operations are only permitted in the Residential-Commercial (RC) zone and the Visitor Commercial (VC) zone. STRs are not permitted in residential zones. New regulations are in process.  View the frequently asked questions handout.

STR REGULATIONS - IN PROCESS (awaiting Coastal Commission approval)

On Monday, November 6, 2017, the City Council adopted an Ordinance to establish new regulations for short term rentals (rentals less than 30 consecutive days). To view the adopted Ordinance click here.

Visit the City's agenda center to view the staff reports and correspondence for the October 16 Ordinance introduction hearing and November 6 second reading/adoption of the Ordinance. Coastal Commission approval is required for the Ordinance to become effective.

Under the adopted Ordinance, STRs will be allowed in the Residential-Commercial (RC) zone, Visitor-Commercial (VC), and other commercial zones without limit. In residential zones, the use of a dwelling unit as an STR will be allowed as an accessory use subject to a requirement to register with the City and limitations including a maximum of 28 days per calendar year (per unit) and a minimum stay of seven (7) consecutive days. Similar short term commercial activity in a dwelling unit (i.e. home sharing and commercial home exchange) will be regulated the same way. 

To be notified about upcoming public hearings, interested parties may register here.

FORBEARANCE PERIOD- Applies to short term rental operations prior to April 4, 2016

While the STR Ordinance is processed, the “forbearance period” provides a transitional period to temporarily delay enforcement action against existing, non-conforming STRs that were established prior to April 4, 2016, to allow affected owners time to come into compliance with the STR regulations in effect when the forbearance period ends.
New short term rental operations are permitted only in the RC zone or VC zone. New STRs in residential zones are not permitted under the existing code, are not eligible for the forbearance period, and will be subject to immediate enforcement. 

The City Council adopted a Resolution on November 6, 2017, that determined the forbearance period will end on the date of final certification by Coastal Commission, upon expiration of the conditional approval period, upon denial by Coastal Commission, or 24 months from the date of adoption, whichever occurs first; or as extended by action of the City Council.  Please view the adopted Resolution for additional information.

Violations of Existing Code

To report a complaint about a short-term rental that is potentially in violation, please complete the Code Enforcement Complaint Form. Once a violation complaint is received, staff will perform an investigation and report back to the complainant on the status of the investigation.

Hotline 858 755 9342     submit complaint