Digalert USA

Our goal is the prevention of loss of life, injury and/or property damage.

Notification prior to digging is a requirement for getting a permit per State law.

Please call 811 for DIGALERT - Underground Service Alert of Southern California.

Excavators’ permits are not valid until they have contracted USA/SC by calling 811, or creating an online ticket at www.digalert.org at least two (2) full working days before they begin their excavation to get an inquiry identification number.

As stated in the California Government Code Section 4216.9 (a):

“No permit to excavate issued by a local agency, as defined in Section 4216, or any State Agency, shall be valid unless the applicant has been provided an initial inquiry identification number by a regional center…”

DIGALERT, Call 8-1-1, or Click Before You Dig