TWC WiFi Hotspots

The City has a number of WiFi Hotspots installed by Time Warner Cable (TWC) at City facilities, including the Powerhouse Community Center and lifeguard towers. Access to TWC WiFi and partner HotSpots is free for all TWC Internet customers at the Standard Internet level or higher and Business Class Internet customers, as well as to customers of Comcast, Cablevision and Cox communications. Other individuals may access TWC WiFi HotSpots through a free, 60 minute trial per day or by purchasing a TWC Access Pass. 

To connect to any existing WiFi Hotspots, select the wireless network “TWCWIFI” and open an Internet browser to access the sign in page. If you are a Time Warner customer, login with your Time Warner account user name and password. If you are not a customer, you may sign in to the Guest Access for a free trial or purchase an Access Pass for additional time. For more information, please visit
TWC Del Mar