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All businesses operating in the City of Del Mar are required to have a business license. This includes businesses that operate from the home. There are a few reasons why Del Mar requires businesses to obtain a City license:
Taxation for the privilege of doing business in the city. 
To ensure that businesses operate in a manner consistent with city regulations and zoning regulations. 
To obtain contact information for public health and safety emergencies.

Each license is approved by the Finance, Planning, and Fire Departments. The normal length of time for processing a license is approximately 30 days.

You need a business license for Del Mar if you...

  1. Have a commercial location in Del Mar.
  2. Have more than one location in Del Mar.
  3. Have a home-based business located in Del Mar.
  4. Have a business P. O. Box in Del Mar.
  5. Are located outside the City of Del Mar, but do business within the City limits.
Please browse through FAQs, for answers to commonly asked questions.


There are two main categories for Licenses:

Gross Receipt Licenses and Flat Fee Licenses

Generally, businesses involving a product fall into the Gross Receipt category and businesses providing a service fall in the Flat Fee category. 

For more information on filling out the form, please visit the Application Form page.