Sewer, Water and Arterials Paving (SWAP)

The Sewer, Water and Arterial Paving (SWAP) project is scheduled for completion in January 2017.  The project includes approximately 25,000 square feet of sidewalks; additional parking spaces; expansion of local, recycled water infrastructure as well as re-routing City of Del Mar's waste-water flows.

The new Camino del Mar sewer force main will be 5,300 feet of new 10-inch pipe that will allow the City of Del Mar to re-route a portion of the City’s wastewater flows north through the City of Solana Beach for treatment at the San Elijo Joint Power Authority’s (SEJPA) water reclamation facility in Encinitas (Cardiff by the Sea). The new 10-inch force main will be constructed from Del Mar’s 21st Pump Station along northbound Camino del Mar and eastbound Villa de la Valle to the intersection of South Cedros Avenue and Cofair Avenue in Solana Beach. The force main alignment will require crossing two existing bridges, one along Camino Del Mar over the San Dieguito River and the second over the railroad tracks at Via de la Valle.

As part of the SWAP project, the City of Solana Beach will be extending its recycled water infrastructure from Valley Avenue to the intersection of Via de la Valle and Camino del Mar and further north into Solana Beach. The project is being funded by the City of Solana Beach, but the installation will be coordinated with the City of Del Mar’s SWAP Project to take advantage of economies of scale and minimize construction disruptions to the community.


A new sidewalk along the south side of Via de la Valle has been constructed adjacent to the Del Mar Fairgrounds from Camino del Mar to Jimmy Durante Boulevard. Northbound Camino del Mar from the San Dieguito River Bridge to Via de la Valle will also receive a new sidewalk and parking spaces. Approximately 151 total parking spaces will be added to Camino del Mar and Via de la Valle as a result of the work.  

Additionally, three mid-block pedestrian crossings are planned on Camino del Mar in the vicinity of the San Dieguito River Bridge. One crossing will be located south of the bridge, a second crossing will be immediately north of the bridge, and a third crossing will be located near the northern entrance to North Beach.

Two mid-block pedestrian crossings have also been added on Coast Boulevard in the vicinity of the Powerhouse Community Center. The first is across from Powerhouse Park adjacent to the existing loading zone, and the second is across from Jake’s Del Mar parking lot.

Once the underground infrastructure and new sidewalks are complete, the affected areas of Via de la Valle, Camino del Mar and Coast Boulevard will be repaved and new pavement markings will be painted to improve mobility and safety for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.