September 28, 2015 Design-DEIR Workshop

The City – in conjunction with The Miller Hull Partnership, the architects for the project; Spurlock Poirier, landscape architects for the project; and RECON Environmental Inc., preparers of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) - conducted a workshop on September 28, 2015 with the community to discuss three topics: community character and architectural expression, plaza and landscape character, and the Draft EIR.

On community character and architectural expression, the community discussed the modern style of the building, and the shape of the roof with many expressing interest in exploring the use of textures in Town Hall walls, and creating an iconic look for the roof. In case of landscape character, the community reached some consensus on the location of the weekly farmer’s market and was concerned about the plaza surface, parking lot, and other elements of landscape such as plants, trees and the sitting area. At the Draft EIR discussion, the community understood the impacts disclosed in the Draft EIR, but expressed concerns about noise impacts, traffic and circulation, view blockage issues, and the future use of Expansion Site A for commercial uses.

For a recap of the Workshop, please review the Staff Report or watch the video recording.

Workshop Flyer