San Dieguito Drive Intersection Improvements

The City’s Ten-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP), approved by the City Council in 2013, puts forth the City’s work plan for capital projects, major maintenance and refurbishment projects, and significant equipment purchases related to facilities.  A project titled ‘Roundabout – San Dieguito Drive and Jimmy Durante Boulevard’ was included within the CIP Program. The project was described as including construction of a roundabout and other streetscape improvements.
In 2014, the scope of the Citywide Sidewalk Improvement Project was expanded to incorporate the design, environmental processing, and construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive.
  In January 2015, as the Citywide Sidewalk Improvement Project was under environmental review, the roundabout project was separated from Segment 2 of the Citywide Sidewalk Improvement Project in order to avoid a delay to the upcoming construction of the sidewalk, roadway and drainage improvements along Jimmy Durante Boulevard and Camino del Mar from San Dieguito Drive to Plaza.  At that time it was determined that the roundabout would be processed as a separate project with its own environmental document.  The project is out for contractor bid and staff expects to take the construction contract to City Council in November, 2016, for approval.  Construction is expected to start in December, 2016, and last for approximately 3 months.  

Focused Environmental Impact Report

A Focused Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was drafted to review alternative traffic control improvements for the intersection of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive. The Focused EIR reviews intersection alternatives and determine impacts associated with improvements to the intersection for subject areas such as: Land Use, Transportation and Traffic, Biological Resources, Cultural Resources, Public Services, Air Quality, Noise and Greenhouse Gases. Detailed traffic analyses were conducted for the fair and race seasons and non-event periods, with review of alternative intersection treatments that include Stop Control, Traffic Signal and Roundabout.  The EIR also reviews cumulative impacts of submitted nearby developments.

The Draft EIR documents were circulated for a 45-day review period between Monday, November 30, 2015 and Friday, January 15, 2016.  The City solicited comments on the environmental analysis contained within the Draft EIR, such as identifying and analyzing the possible impacts on the environment and ways in which the significant effects of the project could be avoided or mitigated.

The Del Mar City Council will certify the final EIR on March 7, 2016.

For more details, please read the following reports: