Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results

The City Heard Your Concerns! Now We’re Taking Action.

In December 2014, the City of Del Mar conducted a Citizen Satisfaction Survey to better understand the community’s satisfaction with core services provided by the City. The City received 450 responses to the survey. The City Council and City management are now using your valuable input from the survey to prioritize and make decisions on allocating resources for the City’s upcoming two-year budget for Fiscal Years 2015-16 and 2016-17.

On May 11 and 12, 2015, the City Council held two public workshops to discuss the upcoming budget. One area of focus was how the results of the Citizen Satisfaction Survey are being used to prioritize services. We’re pleased to provide a summary of the major themes from the survey (in order of the highest priority as ranked by survey respondents) and an explanation of how the City will be responding to these themes in the next two fiscal years.

  1. Road and Street Maintenance (e.g., pavement, potholes, sidewalks, street sweeping): The City has increased funding for residential roadway paving by $600,000 over the next two fiscal years to help reduce the backlog of paving needs and to improve City streets. The City expects to dramatically improve the condition of a large portion of residential streets. Additionally, funding is also programmed in the next two years to continue working on the Streets, Sidewalks, and Drainage projects.  Having completed improvements along Camino del Mar in the Beach Colony last fiscal year and along Jimmy Durante from Camino del Mar to just south of San Dieguito Drive, the next segments slated are Camino del Mar from the San Dieguito Lagoon north to Via de la Valle, along Via de la Valle, and streetscape improvements along Camino del Mar from 15th Street south to the City limit.
  2. Law Enforcement (including traffic, crime prevention, more visibility/presence of law enforcement): The City is currently researching options to enhance law enforcement services and to focus more resources on security and patrol to deal with the impacts of visitors in the summer and extended seasons. In the interim, the City has worked closely with the Sheriff to increase enforcement efforts by adding additional sheriff staff to patrol and to transition from a vehicle traffic officer to a motor cycle traffic officer to improve mobility and visibility. No more “California stops” or cyclist “no stops” at stop signs! The City Council also established contingency funding in the amount of $200,000 for the next two years for future law enforcement service level adjustments.
  3. Parking (better parking regulation/enforcement; easier parking enforcement/longer parking window): The City has embarked on a Citywide Parking Management Plan, starting with the business area. The City is currently finalizing the Downtown Parking Management Plan by focusing on four parking user groups: employees, business patrons, recreational users (beachgoers), and residents. The long-term goal is to expand parking and implement new parking technologies to improve parking availability and turnover. The budget also includes funds to make necessary technology improvements so the L’Auberge parking garage meters can accept credit cards, which increases parking convenience.
  4. Development process (better design/review process; better building code/zoning enforcement): Many respondents identified the need to assess the development review process to maintain the Del Mar character.  As a result, one of the City Council’s priorities for next fiscal year is to review the development review process and standards for residential development.  The City Council has already started work on establishing an ad-hoc citizens’ advisory committee to recommend improvements to the development review process. Stay tuned for more information about this important undertaking.
  5. Improved Customer Service: This was identified as an operational goal for City staff to continually improve our relationships with you. In addition, next fiscal year, the City will be implementing a new, robust online tool that will allow City staff to respond to citizen issues from the field. Also, City departments will be developing survey tools for gauging customer service.
  6. Better Information/Transparency: The City will be implementing an enhanced electronic communication tool to better communicate with constituents through e-mail newsletters for City projects and initiatives. Also, the City will be using this tool to revamp the City Manager’s “Weekly Update” to make it more user-friendly and informative for residents. The City will also continue to survey/poll residents on key community initiatives and needs.
  7. Community Maintenance (beach restrooms; trees and landscaping; public area trash collection): The capital budget includes funds to improve the Powerhouse Community Center restrooms and maintenance work on City property. This was a prime concern of a number of respondents and the work was prioritized as a result. The City Council has also included funding to purchase and install additional permanent recycling and trash cans, as well as funding for some landscape revitalization work.
  8. Revitalization of Downtown: The City plans to move forward in the next two fiscal years with streetscape revitalization efforts in the downtown area. Preliminary design work for the area between 10th and 15th Streets along Camino del Mar is due to start in June, working with the community. Meanwhile, other projects to support the downtown area include redevelopment of City Hall with a new Town Hall and Civic Plaza as well as public parking, work to address parking issues, as well as continued work with the Business Support Advisory Committee and financial support of the Del Mar Village Association. Additionally, the City Council recently approved amendments to improve the City’s sign regulations for commercial properties.

The results from the Citizen Satisfaction Survey are being used on a continuous basis to focus on areas for improvement based on residents’ needs and concerns. The City Council and City staff look forward to continuing to improve services to exceed your expectations.

Summary of the Citizen Satisfaction Survey
The City of Del Mar conducted a Citizen Satisfaction Survey in late 2014 to better understand the community’s satisfaction with core services provided by the City. 

Registered voters were mailed a personalized postcard with a custom access code to take the survey online. Hard copies of the survey were available, and the survey could be accessed by the public online.  The survey was completed by 450 respondents.

Local governments commonly conduct satisfaction surveys to measure citizen opinions on service performance. The City of Del Mar last conducted a satisfaction survey in 2006. The City Council and City management will use the results of this survey to evaluate performance of City services and programs and to prioritize and make decisions on allocating resources for the City’s budget-setting process for fiscal years 2015-16 and 2016-17.

The following documents report the results of the survey:

The City of Del Mar values citizen input and appreciates the community’s participation in this survey to help us learn how to better serve the community. For information on the survey, contact Assistant to the City Manager Kristen Crane at (858) 755-9313.