Drought Update

After four dry years and record-low snowpack conditions in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, on April 1, 2015, Governor Brown issued a drought emergency Executive Order for the State of California, underscoring the need to maximize water efficiency.  

As of July 2016, the Del Mar City Council has adopted a resolution which reduces the drought response level to stage 1 in Del Mar while also permanently maintaining some water waste prohibitions as required by State of California law and encouraging continued voluntary adherence to stage 2 water restrictions.

The San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) recently certified that its 24 member agencies have sufficient supplies to meet water demands even if there were to be three additional dry years. This led to their lifting the regional level 2 drought response and allowing individual water retailers to determine their own drought response level.

The City of Del Mar urges residents and businesses to remember that Southern California remains in a drought and strongly encourages continued adherence to the water restrictions that were mandatory as part of stage 2. Most importantly, residents and businesses are still strongly encouraged, though not required, to limit outdoor landscape irrigation to two days per week at recommended watering times.

For the irrigation schedule and complete list of water waste prohibitions, as well as links to numerous resources available for residents and businesses seeking to improve water-efficiency, including rebate programs for low-water landscapes, please visit the City's please visit the City's Water Conservation page.  Information is also available on the Clean Water Program
section of this website to learn about water conservation and how to preserve water quality in Del Mar.  

The following chart details annual water consumption within the City of Del Mar in recent years:

Updated water consumption data for the City of Del Mar is available for viewing by clicking on following link: City of Del Mar City of Del Mar FY 2018 Water Consumption Status Report.

For additional water conservation information, tips, and rebate program information, please visit the Water Conservation and Clean Water Program pages on this website.