Commissions, Boards and Committees Vacancies

The City of Del Mar invites its residents to volunteer for community service. The City is currently soliciting for interested persons to fill the Committee vacancies listed below. To apply, please click on the "Apply" link. View other ways to apply.

Upcoming Application Deadlines

Open Positions
Open Until
Design Review Board 
One upcoming ex-officio non-voting vacancy (term expires April 30, 2019)
Position requirements
April 19, 2019
Design Review Board
One vacancy (Term expired April 1, 2019, member can served until July 1, 2019)
May 24, 2019 
Measure Q Citizen Oversight Advisory Committee
Two at-large, resident vacancies
April 19, 2019
San Dieguito Lagoon Committee
One voting member vacancy 
April 19, 2019 
Arts Advisory Committee 
Three upcoming voting member vacancies (Terms expire June 30, 2019) 
May 3, 2019 
Planning Commission 
Two upcoming voting member vacancies (Terms expire June 15 and June 30, 2019)
 Position Requirements
May 24, 2019 
Parks and Recreation 
One Upcoming Voting Member Vacancy  (Term expires June 1, 2019) 
May 3, 2019 

Other Committee vacancies will be filled when sufficient application have been received.

Why Volunteer?

The City of Del Mar is one of the most scenic, beautiful, and protected communities along the coast of California. The Del Mar Community Plan outlines the village character that residents envisioned when they helped craft the Plan to protect and maintain that character. Our residents are highly-educated and involved, and bring a high degree of expertise to the committees and organizations they join.

Be a part of that energy, get to know your neighbors and community, and help promote and protect the beautiful City of Del Mar.

Volunteer Requirements

Form 700

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) requirescities to adopted a Conflict of Interest Code designating those City publicofficials who are involved in City decisions todisclose certain financial interests which could foreseeably be affected, in amaterial manner, by a City decision made by the official. Currently, theConflict of Interest Code requires members of the Finance Committee, DesignReview Board, Planning Commission and City Council to file a Form 700 FinancialConflict of Interest filing upon assuming office, annually, and upon leavingoffice. Volunteers interested in serving on these committees should be aware ofthese filing requirements.  For more information, please visit the FPPC’s Form 700 website.  

Ethics Training 
Assembly Bill 1234 requires members of City boards, commissions, and committees complete two hours of ethics training after being appointed and every two years. Free ethics training is provided by the FPPC, and can be accessed online. Upon completion of the online training, please provide a copy of the completion certificate to the Administrative Services Department.

Ready to Apply?

Interested citizens should complete a Citizen Interest Form and submit it to the City of Del Mar’s Administrative Services Department.

There are multiple options to complete the form:

Paper forms should be submitted to City of Del Mar, Administrative Services Department, 1050 Camino del Mar, Del Mar, CA 92014.

Stay Informed

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