Trash, Recycling & Hazardous Waste

  1. Compost Bin & Worm Bin Voucher Program

    Compost Voucher Application for the City of Del Mar

  2. Commercial & Multifamily Recycling Requirements

    Read about changes to the mandatory commercial and multifamily recycling requirements. (Changes effective July 1, 2012.)

  3. Disposing Hazardous Waste

    Find answers to questions about disposing hazardous waste.

  4. Green Waste Recycling

    Learn more about Green Waste Recycling options

  5. Holiday Trash Schedule

    Holiday Trash Schedule

  6. Recyclables

    Find answers to questions about recycling collection and disposal in Del Mar.

  7. Solid Waste Franchise Agreement

    Learn more about the city's franchised waste hauler agreement.

  8. Trash & Recycling Pick-up Schedule

    View an interactive map to find you trash pickup schedule.