Municipal Code


This website contains numerous documents pertaining to land use development standards and permitting requirements. However, certain sections of the Municipal Code may not fully convey which city authorizations and/or permits would be necessary for every type of development project. Therefore, any online research of building entitlement requirements should be accompanied by a conversation with a member of the Planning and Community Development Department to ensure a full understanding of the city’s development standards and permitting requirements.

Online Code Documents

Urgency Ordinance(s)

Ordinance 925 Establishing a Temporary Moratorium on the Use of Residential Property Within the City of Del Mar for Additional Short-Term Residential Rental Housing (Adopted 12/5/2016) 

Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Published 

This legislation has been enacted but not uploaded into the municipal code.  

  • Ordinance 915 Adding Chapter 11.36 to the Del Mar Municipal Code to Prohibit the Use of Single-Use Plastic Carry-Out Bags (Adopted 5/16/2016) 
  • Ordinance 916 Imposing a Transactions and Use Tax to be Administered by the State Board of Equalization (Adopted 8/1/2016)
  • Ordinance 917 Amending Chapter 30 and Chapter 23 to Allow for Reasonable Accommodation within All Zones (Adopted 9/19/2016)
  • Ordinance 919 Amending Chapter 23.28 Related to Encroachment Permits (Adopted 10/17/2016) 
  • Ordinance 920 Amending Chapter 23.08.065 (Building Construction, Design Review, and Citizens’ Participation Program) is Pending Codification.  
  • Ordinance 921 Repealing Chapter 10.04 and Adopting the New Fire Code 2016 Edition (Adopted 11/21/2016)
  • Ordinance 922 Adopting New Chapters in Section 23.12 Regarding 2016 Building Code Standards including California Energy Code, Residential Code, and Green Building Code (Adopted 11/21/2016) 
  • Ordinance 923 Amending Chapter 30.84 Related Signage (Adopted 12/5/2016) 
  • Ordinance 924 Amending Chapter 30.80 Related to Parking (Adopted 12/5/2016) 
  • Ordinance 926 Amending Chapter 6.25 Related to Operations Permit: Large Assemblage and Temporary Use Permits (Adopted 1/3/2017; certification by the Coastal Commission is still pending) 
  • Ordinance 927 Adoption of a New Permit Application Fee for Temporary Use Permits Required in Chapter 30.73 (Adopted 1/3/2017)
  • Ordinance 928 Amending Chapter 30.80 Related to Parking (Adopted 5/11/2017)