The City of Del Mar requires all businesses conducting “transactions and carrying on of business within the city” to obtain an annual business license. Home-based businesses and those that operate through a post office box are also required to obtain a business license. For information, please see the Business License frequently asked questions page and view this informational brochure on starting a business in Del Mar.

Notice: The issuance of a business license does not supersede the zoning, planning, or operating regulations found in the City of Del Mar Municipal Code (DMMC). Please check city regulations before applying for a business license. It is the business owner’s responsibility to obtain all required permits. Conducting business without the required permits may result in a citation and/or fine. Please contact City Hall for more information regarding applicable regulations.

Additional business related forms and applications are available in the Forms Center (Business Section).

Operations Permit Department Phone Number 
Massage and Holistic Health PractitionerFinance 858-755-9354
Use of Public Property Community Services 858-755-1556
Taxicab Finance 858-755-9354 

For questions regarding planning or zoning regulations, contact the Planning Department at 858-755-9313.